Every Child is served with freshly        cooked, healthy, hot,

 delicious meals and snacks daily.

  • Relaxing & Peaceful Nap Time

  • Open door policy between parents, teachers, staff and our administrators.

  • Affordable Rates, Matched With Quality Service!


"I enrolled my three year old daughter at Faith Angels Academy a year ago. This is my daughter's third daycare, I was not pleased with the other center's security and their general style of operation. I love the fact  that Faith Angels Academy have 24 hours uniform security officers on site and that accessibility into the lobby area and the classrooms is closely monitored by the front desk staff. I am no longer concerned about my daughter's security at Faith Angels Academy.

My daughter and I are pleasantly welcomed every morning at Faith Angels Academy  by Ms. M, the owner and her cheerful staffs. It's very obvious that my daughter feels at home at Faith Angels Academy, because she takes off running to Ms. M or the staff holding the front door every morning. This makes me feel relaxed, knowing that she is happy and well cared for at Faith Angels Academy. My daughter no longer cry during drop off.  I also have to mention that this is the only center I have been to that the owner is always on site to address parents need. I love Ms. M, you can tell that she loves children and she is very caring. Don't just take my word, visits Faith Angels Academy and see for yourself."


T. Anderson

 "My son is 15 months old, I initially felt very unease about taking my son to a childcare center; especially after hearing several horrible stories of how children are treated in some childcare centers. A friend referred me to Faith Angels Academy and I have experienced the opposite of what I heard about childcare centers.

Upon arriving at Faith Angels Academy, I was warmly received by a friendly receptionist. The center looked very clean and smelt pleasant. The children looked smart in their uniform and all appeared happy and engaged.

I can tell my son likes it at Faith Angels Academy, because he is always excited to tell me how his day went at school.

The teachers are wonderful, they are very involved in teaching the children. It's very noticeable that the teachers are well trained and enjoy caring for children. This is a big plus for this center. I heard that some daycare staffs are always yelling and screaming at the children, I have not heard any staff yelling or screaming at any child at Faith Angels Academy. This center is very peaceful, the director is so nurturing and always at the center. I am so glad that Faith Angels Academy is my son's first learning center."

S. Garcia
"I am a single parent with two boys, I was looking for a learning center or childcare center that will help my boys get ready for Kindergarten. I found one of Faith Angels Academy's post card on my car one morning, as I was taking my children to their daycare. I was rather impressed with the pictures of the center  on the post card, so I decided to visit the center. During my visit, I observed that the center was extremely clean and didn't have any dirty diaper smell. The center is uniquely set up like an actual school. The kids were in uniform and I could hear children in various classrooms reciting their numbers, colors, shapes and more. I was shown the teacher's teaching resource center, with various educational materials for the children. I was immediately captivated and ready to enroll my boys. I am pleased to say that my children are doing fantastic at Faith Angels Academy, I can truly see the difference in my children's enthusiasm to learn. I will definitely recommend Faith Angels Academy for parents looking for a clean, structured learning environment for their child."

 P. Stewart



My kids are now at an awesome learning center as compared to their previous childcare center. Faith Angels Academy is the best!


Right place

"Thanks for the Additional Pick & Drop Service, Keep up the great work my kids are loving the experience."