​At Faith Angels Academy, our infant room is spotlessly clean, safe and secured. We focus on showing lots of love to every child in our care. Our nurturing environment ensures all our little angels feel at home and feel secure. Our teachers and nursery room assistants maintain a scheduled daily routine for feeding and changing each child. Every child is encouraged to be his or her self, explore their world and to interact with other children through playing, story time, art, exercise, music and more.

We provide parents verb or written reports on their child's daily activity, feeding, diapering and napping. We play soothing music during nap-time to relax our little angels. Children are assigned their personal crib, which is kept clean and safe throughout the day. Our nurturing teachers and teacher's aide will gladly interact and guide your precious little one through language, songs, gestures, sounds and words.

At Faith Angels Academy, our primary objective is to quickly bond with your child. A loved child is a happy child. A happy child leads to happy parents and ultimately, happy parents indicate we are doing a good job. We truly enjoy the responsibility of taking care of our future leaders.


Toddlers and two-years old are rather curious and constantly on the go. At Faith Angels Academy, we guide each child as they explore their surroundings. We promote problem solving and critical thinking at an early age, since it's one of the daily skills needed as an adult. We utilize age appropriate activities and toys to sharpen our little angels’ imaginations. Our lesson plans incorporate circle time, vocabulary enrichment, artwork, hand writing practice, songs, counting, coloring, shape identification and much more.

Our toddlers and two-years old learn at their own pace. We work on developing self-confidence, self-esteem and the love of learning in every child. Daily verbal or written report on each child's behavior and activities is given to each parent.

At Faith Angels Academy, you can rest assured our friendly and professional teachers will gladly monitor and assess your child's language, physical development, cognitive ability, social and emotional development. If our teachers observe any area of concern in your child's development, we will not hesitate to bring it up to you for further professional assessment.


Our three-years old are typically also very curious, adventurous, and eager to learn new things around them. We strongly encourage enthusiasm to learn, because it enables our wonderful teachers to guide each child as they learn and ask many questions every day. At Faith Angels Academy, we encourage independence and self-decision making.  We enhance each child's social and emotional skills and instill good manners. All these are done through the process of playing and learning, making it more exciting and fun for the children. Our children often utilize blocks, puzzles, various manipulatives, arts, storytelling, music, role playing and excising to learn in class.  Our teachers follow their weekly lesson plans to stay on task with the children's daily activities. Our teachers strongly promote creativity and critical thinking with various age appropriate manipulatives and role-playing.

We ensure our preschoolers are confident and well prepared for Kindergarten. Our little angles are assessed periodically throughout the year to determine each child's strength and weakness. After identifying a child's weakness, our teachers then focus more on correcting the child's weakness, while polishing up their strengths.

Parents are informed of any developmental issues or concerns. Our preschoolers are expected to be able to practice writing, identify their name, colors, shapes, follow directions, know their various body parts, recall parts of a story, know their various days of the week, count, recite their alphabets and more.


Our four and five-years old are very excited to learn new things daily. This group is more comfortable with our center's daily routines. FAA teachers continue to prepare our little angels for structured daily activities expected in Kindergarten. We continue to encourage good manners, good behavior and good grammar. We reinforce the importance of following directions and being self-motivated. Our four and five-years old have generally mastered the act of playing and interacting with one another. Our teachers use various role-playing activities and class projects to promote sharing, listening, asking questions and to enhance their social and emotional skills.

This age group typically recognizes their colors, shapes, sorts various objects and items, identifies their alphabets, identifies various community workers, courts, enjoy different artwork, retell stories, and enjoy creative thinking through working with various manipulatives.

leaders of tomorrow


Preparing leaders of tomorrow is indeed a pride for us at faith angels academy and we keep working everyday to ensure we are up to the responsibility to make the future generations responsible.

kids are leaders